🌈Why the CTNC?

The core service of the CTNC is providing Node-as-a-Service to its user which issues a unique RPC for each node created and enables a faster transaction on the Network.

The node is implemented by a CTNC NFT.

Each node created has a proportion of yields which are rewarded to the NFT holder and his supporters in real-time. This rewards are calculated based on many factors which includes the number of NFTs(nodes), NFT(node) revenue, Caramel price and protocol revenue and these conditions are variable.

High DeFi Yield

The CTNC allows the NFT holder and his supporters to earn flexible yields and stake their assets in the New Decentralized Financial Infrastructure. The Caramel token is designed with economic principles that already work effortlessly in nature, demystifying the yield farming craze with a Node Protocol that doesn't break at the slightest touch of market situations: The system delegates to winning strategies and hardens against losses caused by market volatility and other factors.

The CTNC not only maximizes returns on yield farming but also is a powerful platform for passive income generation. Unlike other Yield Farming platforms, the CTNC NFT generates profits through total profitability, lower risk, and less correlation to the market. It provides high DeFi Yield without downtime, even in bear markets

Transferrable & Support System

The classic Node protocol have a critical problem: nodes cannot be transferred. It is also designed to open rewards only to the holder.

We focused on the above issues and suggested the creative followings:

  • Transmission capable node by ERC-721(NFT)

  • NFT reinforcement by supporters

The support system is that users can earn rewards by staking CARAMEL to NFTs without holding the NFT. At this time, the stakers are called "Supporters".

10% of the staked amount by supporters goes to gift balance of the NFT.

Easy to use, Easy to earn

Have you always wanted to start your DeFi & NFT journey? With the CTNC your task is simple, hold a CTNC NFT or reinforce your friend's NFT with CARAMEL, that's all. When you want, tap on "Claim" to claim your rewards.

Unfortunately, not everyone is tech-savvy and with this in mind, we have made the whole process easy as pie for both beginners and pros.

Our platform is easy and simple to use, but the underlying mechanics are complex. The CTNC is a flexible, modular, and secure node.

We literally take care of hard things for you and let you take full advantage of them. From the dashboard, you can configure your rewards, monitor & receive passive income, receive yield farms profits and APY on your assets.

Our developers has built a very intuitive dashboard that will allow anyone to manage their NFTs from one place with ease.

Adequate verification on the protocol

The CTNC protocol was thoroughly verified before we invest in them to minimize risks to the barest minimum.

We did in-depth market research before launching the CTNC.

We continuously monitor these protocols to make sure they are performing as required by their specifications.

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