CARAMEL is a token that people who mint Crypto Tiger put their tokens into forever. In return, they get perpetual yield through their Crypto Tigers. The APR is usually between 1% and 4% per day, but CTNC offers up to 3% net per day per Crypto Tiger.
The objective of this initiative is to provide passive income to its owners through a variety of strategies (mostly group staking and farming, but not limited) in order to keep the emission rate consistent. This enables investors to access a wide range of protocols without even thinking about it.

The Tokenomics

Blockchain Network: Ethereum
Decentralized Exchange (DEX): Uniswap
Trading Liquidity Pair: CARAMEL/USDT
Symbol: $CML
Initial Supply: 2,100,000,000
Initial Supply Allocation: Launchpad: 47.62% / LP Pair: 47.62% / Team Allocation: 4.76%
Max Tx: no limit
Max Wallet: no limit
Tax: Buy Tax: 3% / Transfer Tax: 10% / Sell Tax: 50% (Learn more why 50%)
Tax Allocation: 70%: Buyback / 30%: Airdrop for Team

Questions on CARAMEL($CML)

Is the Liquidity Pool locked?
Yes, the liquidity pool for CARAMEL will be initially funded with $30k ~ $50k worth of USDT and the resulting LP tokens were locked for 180 days on PinkSale. Learn more on locked LP.
How can I buy $CML?
You need to download the Metamask extension in your Chrome, Firefox or supported browser. When your wallet is properly set up, you need to own some USDT or other tokens and head over Uniswap to buy some $CML.
Why high sell tax (50%)? How can I sell $CML?
In one word, that’s for anti-whale, anti-trading bot. Over time, Whales will sell some of their holdings and flood the market pushing prices below their true value, they purchase back in large volume creating artificial scarcity.
The main purpose of CARAMEL is to provide passive income to NFT holder & Supporters.
The only NFT holder & Supporters can exchange rewards $CML for USDT without sell tax through the NFT contract. Otherwise, you lose half money.
Is $CML mintable by someone?
No, $CML is minted once only for initial supply by the contract. Even the owner can't mint new tokens. Learn more on token contract.
But there is an exception: only NFT contract mints new tokens only for Claim rewards and Compound/Claim tax. Compound/Claim tax is not from staked tokens. Learn more Stake/Compound/Claim mechanism.​