The CTNC Whitepaper has been issued by CTNC for informational purpose only. To use any of the CTNC services, one should read this whitepaper alongside the Terms of service and Privacy Policy, if any.
The purpose of this whitepaper is to provide potential purchasers and users with the information on CTNC ecosystem to allow the purchasers to make their own decision as to whether or not it wishes to proceed to purchase NFT/CARAMEL Tokens and user any of the CTNC ecosystem of products.
Technical difficulties may occur and result in downtime during transaction processing, which might be temporarily beyond us. During a period of downtime, users might experience issues with processing transactions. Security risks (exploitable server vulnerabilities, malware attacks, giving away confidential information to a third party, etc) may also surface as users are required to secure their wallet information.
As a consequence, we urge any prospective purchaser to take the time it needs to fully understand what is at stake with the CTNC ecosystem.